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iIndividual Therapy

At Better Empathy, in Prairie Village, Kansas,  I am a psychotherapist who provides somatic psychotherapy and additional psychotherapeutic  services.

No person is an island. Everyone lives in at least one community,i.e.,  their family, their neighborhood, their friends, their spiritual family, etc.  And one' s community of  relationships can develop miss-connections and misunderstandings.

And, just as with couples, the work of Dr. Sue Johnson and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) can be applied to individual therapy, to help understand one's actions and struggles  as an automatic  and predictable “dance” of interactions with a community that is not clearly seen or understood by oneself, especially if TRAUMA is involved.  And if the dance can be seen, and known, it can be changed into that which is desired.

Wherever you may be experiencing pain and problems, there is a healthy and safe way through them. You do not have to do it along. Let us construct some goals, and formulate a plan to get them accomplished.  Please, give me, Larsen,  a call.