Larsen Barnds, LCMFT




Traditionally, couples start out feeling “in-love”, warm, well connected, safe, and excited to be together forever, because it feels “so good!".  And, over time, these same two lovers may begin to feel differently, inside and out. They can begin to interact in unpleasant ways that neither person likes nor understands. Their partnership can become disconnected,  leaving much despair,  pain, and each partner feeling very confused. Sadly,  and  understandably, each person may begin  to believe that either they or their partner is “wrong”, or worse,  “defective”. Neither may realize that they are actually in a  mutual pattern, or “dance”, where actions, and reactions become automatic, unpleasantly predictable, and seemingly  unstoppable. It is the INTERACTION  between the two that is the problem, not the people themselves.

Thanks to the study and research of Dr. Sue Johnson and Emotionally Focused Therapy,

it is now possible for this same couple to discover this dreadful dance and learn the tools to change the dance and make the music, they want. They can have re-connection with each other, feel safe and return to excitement and feeling good.

If you and your partner are in pain and NOT connecting, I hope you will let me help you and your partner discover what needs to change in the RELATIONSHIP, so that you CAN connect, before feeling like you need to leave the PARTNERSHIP.  I am  just a phone call away, 816-213-6698.