Family Therapy

Families are like life, both active and changing. People grow older, kids start out as babies and constantly change and grow, until they leave the original family unit. Life, with its aging, divorcing, remarrying, jobs, death, etc., offers plenty of opportunities for members of the family to have interactions that stumble or begin to feel like they are failing. Families, new, or old, blended or static, can begin to have trouble connecting to, or understanding, each other. Members can feel disconnected from the family as a group, or from specific members of the group, and a downward spiral can erupt. Because of this pain of disconnection, family therapy can be a helpful and pain-relieving/restorative option. When it hurts, it is time for help to find a way through the hard stuff and to reconnect and feel well connected to each other.

Please give me a call if you would like to explore ways to reconnect and feel safe, 816-213-6698.