Marriage And Family Therapy in Prairie Village

Discernment Counseling

If you are a member of a partnership in pain, then you know how deep the hurt can go, and that it can be so big and so painful that it is confusing and very scary, to the point of paralysis. Sometimes it feels that nothing makes sense, or that nothing can help, not even therapy. Thanks to Dr. Doherty and the Doherty Relationship Institute, there is Discernment Counseling. It is a form of treatment designed for couples in pain where either or both partners are not sure what to do about the relationship. One or both of the partners is considering divorce/relationship termination.  Perhaps the lawyers have been called and are active.

Discernment counseling can be used BEFORE traditional couples therapy to help both people determine what they want to do with the partnership. Its purpose is to quell the confusion of how to proceed, either with couple’s therapy or how to end the relationship well. If this feels as if this is where you or your partner are, if this resonates, please give me a call and let me help you both figure this out, 816-213-6698.

Larsen Barnds, LCMFT