Better Empathy, Larsen Barnds Couples Therapy/Counseling

Better Empathy, and Larsen Barnds Couples Therapy/Counseling, provide experienced Marriage and Family Therapy and relationship building skills, I work strictly On-Line, for people in Kansas and Missouri. The office address is:

5400 Mission Drive

Suite 176

Mission, KS  66205

Voice, 816-213-6698


At Better Empathy Marriage and Family Therapy,  Therapy/Counseling, Larsen Barnds' perspective is simple, " Why live in pain if you do not have to ?".  If your foot is broken, you go to a doctor.  If your life is not the way you want it, have you considered meeting with a marriage and  family therapist to help alleviate the pain, and build the life you want?

With the demands of life, work, and family, it can be difficult to deal with issues of stress, anxiety and marriage all by yourself.   I work with individuals, couples, families, adolescents, and children to unveil  underlying issues, unmet needs and  help you discover a new emotional experience so that you can both  build and  live in the world that you want to have.

I have been providing Marriage and Family Therapy in Kansas and Missouri  for 19 years, and  I commit to work as  hard as you do. With a Masters Degree in Family Therapy, training in Discernment Counseling, an American Association Marriage and Family Supervisor designation, and as a member of ICEEFT, I strive to continue learning and growing in the field of therapy.  By furthering my education and experience, I am able to engage with a  variety of people with a number of issues to help  provide life- changing emotional experiences.  At Better Empathy we provide couples therapy/counseling and relationship building in Leawood and Prairie Village, KS.

The first step is asking for help, and it is often the most painful and difficult one.   Once you decide it is time to explore your options and move forward, I am fully committed to you and your situation. For me, it is all about you feeling better, finding relief from your pain, and beginning this new chapter in your life, all in a safe, supportive and healthy place.